by John the Twig Man
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I only ship to the lower 48 states.
40 stick crayons handmade in Minnesota with a 4 pocket handmade stick display. These stick
crayons are made with real sticks & only the brightest assorted real crayola crayon wax about 3
inches down the stick. They are roughly 9" long by the diameter of a dime to quarter, no two are
exactly alike as they are made with real sticks. The display has four pockets that hold roughly ten
twig crayons up right in each pocket. These are great for a store or a cabin. Made in Minnesota,
USA Suggested Retail $3.00 ea. - $4.00 ea. Assorted colors only. The whole set weighs 7 pounds
This starter kit of 40 stick crayons with a four pocket
handmade twig display pictured below and on the home
page is sure to make your store glow, kids and grandmas
alike cant resist neither can the local artist and teacher
its guaranteed to paste a smile on your customers face
Suggested retail 3 to 4 bucks a crayon.
Call John The Twig Man for questions or if you would prefer to order over the phone 320 309 2171
Thank you for shopping at Stickcrayons.com aka Twigs & More
Lake Maria State Park
Where I twig in the Rum River Forest aka the office
Starter Kit

40 stick crayons  x  $1.80
for $72

Handmade display $16

Shipping $20

Total for starter kit
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